Free to Just Relax

It has been one of the most powerful and peace filling lessons God has, and continues to teach me. Think about what you think about, because not every thought is from us, and not every thought is good. Capture each thought and make sure it lines up with Truth. Then the Truth, if you act on it, will set you free, granting us more and more peace. Free from what you ask? Free from our self made prisons of depression, doubt, anger, worry, frustration, confusion, bitterness…fill in the blank. The more we think like Jesus does, the freer we are to simply live in peace, then we can have relaxation, and remain relaxed, no matter what is going on.

Praise God that Jesus has already set us free from the destiny of sin. We GET to go to Heaven, when our time here is done, because of what Jesus has done for us. If we have surrendered our lives to Him, Paradise is our new destiny.  At Salvation, Jesus transforms us from death to life. And Jesus continues to transform us as we grow in Him, by starting to think like He does. We go from that limited, personal viewpoint to a more expanded vision of life as we capture these thoughts and engage in this process of Sanctification. We also deepen our understanding of our new reality in Christ, that we are God’s Beloved, holy children forevermore. Let’s choose to celebrate that today…

<>< Peace, Diane