Hi Friends,

As a pharmacist, I love to teach about how we can achieve optimal health. As a Christian, I know we cannot do this apart from God’s wisdom.

From time to time, I may give you my personal insight into how to keep our physical bodies strong and vibrant…but please read the “disclaimer” below.

Disclaimer: I am NOT a physician…but I am a pharmacist by trade. Whatever I share with you here is for your information only. I hope to stir your interest and inspire your desire to do your own research. Doctors are wonderful, but they are NOT God. They do not know everything, and sadly, they are inundated with so many patients that, they cannot possibly have each one of us be their number one priority. We- you and I- are supposed to be an integral member of our healthcare team. After all, “you” are with “you” all the time! It is not the responsibility of any medical professional to KEEP us healthy. They are supposed to share their knowledge, insights and experiences with us, but WE are supposed to take care of this amazing body that God has granted us. So of course, seek medical counsel, but please, be informed.

God has given us a mind to think about how we are living our lives and the more we seek truth about the way God wants us to live, the healthier every part of our lives will become. I certainly want to enjoy this life as much as possible while looking forward to Paradise. How about you? Then won’t you join me?

Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, he’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane