Several years ago, I began to experience horrible pain in my arms and legs, debilitating fatigue and brain fog and I could hardly walk upright because of it all. After going to many doctors and having all sorts of testing, I found that the medical community had no answers for me, and sadly, they just kind of gave up on me. I had periodically made and had a protein drink from scratch, so by God’s Grace, I decided why not try to drink one of these highly nutritious beverages daily for one week and see if it helps. Within one week, all my symptoms were completely gone!

The Greek physician Hippocrates said, “Let food be thy medicine, and let medicine be thy food,” and it could not have been more true in my situation. But my Friends, I believe watching what we eat, and how much, can give us countless physical blessings! It is my hope that you will take my story into consideration as you care for your own health, or that of your loved ones.

In this free e-book, I share the ingredients I use in my Nutritional Shake, as well as some of the great blessings each of them offer us. May it help your health as much as it continues to help my own. God bless!

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