Prevenient Grace

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It is amazing how there is always something to learn about that is New Life in Christ that I have been walking these last 23 years. Here’s a term that I have never heard of before in my reading and studying of the Bible and God’s Love: Prevenient Grace. Dr Tozer mentions this in chapter one of our book and describes it this way: “…before man can seek God, God must first have sought the man.” (p11) Again, I never heard the term, but I have learned its Biblical concept many times. This should sound familiar to us, as when the apostle John, speaking about God, simply states, “We love because he first loved us.” (1Jn 4:19) 

Prevenient Grace. I have stated many times that this only makes sense, as we, in our sinful nature, do not even know we need to seek God. We may know somewhere deep within us that we are not perfect people. That we certainly do not always think, say and do everything in a right way. We may even sense that there is something missing inside of us. That was certainly the case in my BC life, Before Christ. But, for the most part, we have no idea what the problem is nor where to go for any solution. In steps God’s Prevenient Grace. This is the Grace through which God works to move our hearts to seek Him and find the answers to those hidden questions. It is this Grace where God shines His Light in our minds and draws our hearts to Himself. Yet we must respond to this Grace. This is how God’s Sovereignty and His gift of Free Will work in unison. God offers. Then we must receive The Offering. The Offering, of course, is Jesus.

God’s Prevenient Grace is the first step in our Salvation, if we are going to be saved at all. While in hindsight I can tell I had always sensed it, I can clearly remember the first time this Grace really impacted my life. It was probably a year before my Baby Girl became ill that I began praying something like this to God, “Please Lord, help me to be a good mother, helping my children to grow healthy in body and spirit. Amen.” To be honest, I had no idea what I was even praying, because I was not a spiritual person at that time. My life was still my own. God was just a side note. Someone I knew was real, but really did not have a say in MY day to day life. Yet the prayer “just felt right,” and so I prayed it regularly. What I did not know was how God would answer this sincere request. But He had to do something. After all, I could not help my children grow spiritually if I had no spiritual life myself. 

It was when Beckie fell into that first coma where, because of God’s Prevenient Grace throughout my life, that I made my firm commitment to surrender all to Jesus as my Savior and Lord. My life was no longer mine, thank God. This means I became alive in Christ and I did not have to make any decisions alone anymore. There was no need to just guess at what would be the right thing to do for My Baby Girl. I had the guidance of the Holy Spirit within me now and forevermore. Did I still make mistakes? Oh Lord, sadly yes, and still continue to do so. God doesn’t condone them, but He understands we will make them. Mistakes are part of growing spiritually mature. And this is why we constantly need every type of Grace God desires to pour down upon us! Every type of Grace. Let’s talk about all those types tomorrow…

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