Paradox of Love

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One of the interesting things about our relationship with God is that we have God’s Grace and crave God’s Grace, all at the same time! Dr Tozer states, “To have found God and still to pursue Him is the soul’s paradox of love….” (p15) Then the author quotes a song from St Bernard that speaks about this reality: 

“We taste Thee, O Thou Living Bread, 

And long to feast upon Thee still: 

We drink of Thee, the Fountainhead

And thirst our souls from Thee to fill.” (p15)

Do we understand this? We have God yet want more of God. And why? Because God is so great. There is so much we must continually learn to know Him, that we must constantly grow to know more and more of Him. It is not that we cannot know God, but more like we will never fully and entirely know Him. Again, because God is so great.

But if we do not hunger. If we do not thirst. If we do not follow hard after God, we will not know the small amount we can know of Him, and as a result, the quality of our lives will not be as full as it could, and should be. I urge each of us, me included, to seek after God. To look for His hand in every part of our lives. To be sensitive to His continual leading. To increasingly trust and obey Him, even when we are not sure. God and our relationship with Him is not a Sunday morning event. That is not a relationship. Know Him, and get to know Him more. Be like Him, and become like Him more. Act like Him, and act like Him more. That’s what this life is all about…and the more we pursue Him, the more God’s Grace makes it possible to live that Abundant Life. 

2023’s Got A Minute? Book Club

January: The First & Best Book Ever: The Bible

February: Love Is In the Air: “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” by Gary Chapman

March: Spring Growth: “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson

April: Living the Resurrected Life: “The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life” by Dr Charles Stanley

May: My Spiritual Mom: “Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits” by Joyce Meyer

June: Spiritual Dad:  “It’s Not About Me- Rescue from the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy” by Max Lucado

July: Financial Freedom “Complete Guide to Money” by Dave Ramsey

August: Summer’s Soul Restorer “A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23” by W Phillip Keller

September: Covering Our Children: “Prayers for the Prodigals” by James Banks

October: Reformation of Our Hearts: “Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine” by Max Lucado

November: So Thankful To Be Chosen: “The Chosen 40 Days with Jesus Book One, Book Two & Book Three” by Amanda Jenkins, Kristen Hendricks and Dallas Jenkins

December: Emmanuel: “The Pursuit of God- The Human Thirst for the Divine” by AW Tozer

<>< Peace, Diane