Healthy Communication

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So communication is an interesting, and surprisingly, complicated topic. You see, usually when we talk to others, we unfortunately do so from that MMI mind set. We assume a lot…and I don’t have to go into what that word can mean, right? I can across a good article titled “10 Communication Problems and Mistakes We All Make” which gives us a quick list that displays this self-centeredness as we speak to one another. (see link below if you are interested) The reality is, we don’t know what we don’t know, so it is important for us to understand the mistakes we are making so that we can talk to our prodigals, and anyone else, more effectively. After all, really wanting to know the other person’s heart should be one of the reasons we are talking to them, right? And very often our prodigals just want to be heard. But if we are focused on what we think, feel and want, can we truly hear them?

While we do have to think about what we are saying, what we really need to do is be open and honest, and even vulnerable, especially with our prodigals. They have made all sorts of assumptions about us, about themselves and about life in general. We must learn to say what we mean and mean what we say, just like Jesus did. Humility and genuine interest in them and what they are experiencing is a must. They can sense when we are being real or when we are just saying what we think they want to hear. If we want to get to the weeds, we might have to dig a bit deeper than we feel comfortable. Praise God there are many resources available to help us navigate these challenging relationships. This book I am talking about is a good start. I would also point you to Focus on the Family where we can find all sorts of resources as well as finding a Christian family therapist to help work out any communication issues. (see link below)

“10 Communication Problems and Mistakes We All Make”

Focus on the Family:

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