Limited or Unlimited

For we KNOW that God works all things together for our good, because we love Him and are called to His purpose…Romans 8:28 is my number one Go-To verse. It has gotten me through so many hard trials and continues to inspire and empower me to keep growing and living this Abundant Life. It too is a matter of perspective. If I choose to believe God’s Word, if I choose to see life through His eyes, if I choose to trust Him no matter what, things DO have a way of working out for my good. Not each individual event may be good, but God weaves them all together into this beautiful tapestry called Life, and I have peace and joy more and more as I see Him do so. 

I KNOW, not guess or wishful thinking, but I KNOW God is bringing all things together to give me a full and satisfying life here, as I look forward to Eternity when my time here is done. This is where I have chosen to set my eyes, and as I do, my perspective becomes unlimited, instead of limited.

<>< Peace, Diane

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