…Makes Us More Loving Parents

Not only do we desperately need to teach this lesson to our children as I said last week, but my goodness we must model it in front of them too! Children often learn more by what they see than by what we tell them anyway, so as we grow in Christ and start living a more selfless life, our children will take notice. It is one thing to tell your kids to be nice to other children, but it is so much more powerful when they watch us be kind, especially to those who might not have been nice to us. Knowing that life is not about ME, takes our focus off of our emotions and desires and alters the way we think about others, so that we CAN display the love we desire our children to exhibit also. 

After all, did not our Holy Father show us this type of amazing Grace? It is as we bask in this Perfect Love that we can know what real love is…and then with His help, we can reflect it out to everyone around us too…and again, whether you are a parent or not, children everywhere are hungry to see this kind of Love in action. Choose to grow in, to model and to enjoy this godly love today!

<>< Peace, Diane

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