Many Ripples of Friends

So we are talking about relationships and living in peace and harmony with one another, which continues to be one of the biggest struggles for us humans. I mentioned a word yesterday that is rarely discussed and that would be “unity.” The reality is that unity doesn’t always mean allowing every person in your life into your most intimate circle of friends. You can live at peace with everyone, but you are not necessarily so close to everyone that you must be in constant contact with them.

Think Ripples again here. Different levels of people you allow into your life for different reasons. A quick example of this is the life of Jesus. He had thousands of disciples, but only 12 Apostles, and out of those only three who were the very closest to Him. In addition to His earthly relationships, of course, only His connection with the Father is what gave Jesus the will and the power to live out His amazing life here, with this peace and harmony we all desire. In addition, what’s interesting, of course, is that one of His Apostles would later betray Him. Not everyone around us is necessarily meant to be a friend. As always with God, there is an order to our friendships too. Let’s talk about it this week.

<>< Peace, Diane