Marriage is for Everyone to Honor

So we are finally getting to the next Ripple after being in the Health Seekers area for the last 6 months. The reason why we spent all that time talking about the various parts of our physical, as well as touching on our mental and emotional health, is that, in order to live abundantly in this physical world, we need a healthy physical and mental body. While this is not the most important part of who we are, we certainly can’t fully interact with the world, and people around us, unless we are in as healthy a state as possible. The healthier we are, the more we can enjoy life, love others, and do whatever it is God created us to do here on this planet. Of course, we will not know what the individual plan is for each of us unless we first work on our spiritual connection with God, so the New You Ripple, where we grow deeper in this beautiful relationship with our Creator, must come first. 

Now we will move into the next Ripple, which I call, Affectionately Yours. This is our most intimate human relationship, the sacred union of marriage. Here is a very important point to grasp: even if you have never been or are not currently married, it is vital that every member of the Church understands God’s Plan for marriage. Why? First, it is God’s Word, so it is significant for every child of God to know and appreciate. Second, everyone knows someone who is married and may need wise counsel in this area, right? If you have knowledge of what God says then you can serve them by sharing it. Third, we all should be able to “give reason for our Hope” as Peter says, and be able to defend God’s Plan to those who may not know Him. Lastly, marriage is a beautiful reflection of our holy relationship with God Himself…we will talk more about this later in the week. 

The marriage remains the foundation of society, so the more every individual knows about God’s Plan for marriage, the better the whole Church can reflect Him and His Love to one another, as well as to this dark and lost world. So whether we are married or single, if we each know what God has to say about marriage, its order and the way He means for it to work, as well as its purpose, then we can help one another in this very vital area of life. This is a Ripple, an area of life, we all should know, learn and honor.

<>< Peace, Diane

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