Our Microbiome & Pesticides

Today I want to return to the foods that we eat, but I want to take a slightly different angle on this topic because some, ok a lot of the foods we eat, are contaminated. Here’s a quote from a study explained in a publication called Toxicological Sciences (link below): “Among the multiple factors involved in regulating the microbiome, exogenous factors such as diet and environmental chemicals have been shown to alter the gut microbiome significantly. Although diet substantially contributes to changes in the gut microbiome, environmental chemicals are major contaminants in our food and are often overlooked. Herein, we summarize the current knowledge on major classes of environmental chemicals (bisphenols, phthalates, persistent organic pollutants, heavy metals, and pesticides) and their impact on the gut microbiome, which includes alterations in microbial composition, gene expression, function, and health effects in the host. We then discuss health-related implications of gut microbial changes, which include changes in metabolism, immunity, and neurological function.”

This is way too much information to talk about in the 1-2 minutes I have your attention, so let’s focus on pesticides today, shall we? My Friends, if you have any doubts about the health benefits of organically grown foods, whether they are worth it, then I hope this confirms how vital it is that we choose organic as much as possible. These pesticides are meant to kill the pests that can eat the crops being grown…but if these chemicals kill these creatures, what are they doing to you and me? Oh right, the dosages they use are so small that these chemicals stop the bugs, but don’t harm you and me…yeah, right! First of all, our Microbiome ARE some small, good “pests” that live in us! So these chemical mess with these microbes in several ways. Second, if we are not at optimal health, and many of us aren’t including me, these chemicals can build up in us and cause devastating harm!

I cannot understand how Monsanto, or now Bayer, same thing, is still selling Round-Up when they have paid out billions of dollars, yes billions with a B, in law suits! PLEASE stop using this junk if you are and please start choosing organic over the rest…your microbiome will be healthier and so will you. Stay informed!

<>< Peace, Diane

The Impact of Environmental Chemicals on the Gut Microbiome


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