Relaxation Requires Willingness & Openness

The first thing God requires from us is a willing heart. This is the major thing we must do with the gift of Free Will. The second requirement from us is an open mind, because the way we would do things, and the way God does them, are completely different! But again this is what we should expect. The human understanding is very limited. You and I see things from our personal point of view…this means we do not know how others see things. For instance, if there is a car accident and four people witness the same exact event, they will describe it in four different ways. The police officer will not just get one account, but all four different views to get a fuller picture of what happened, right? By the way, this is why there are four Gospels, so we can get a fuller picture of Who Jesus is, but that’s a talk for another day.

Open minds mean that we begin to see life differently. Instead of just viewing life from our personal, limited understanding, we begin to see life the way God does, from an Eternal point of view. He helps us get a fuller picture of the events that surround us. We will begin to look at things from the different angles of others….in other words, we expand our vision and meaning of life. The more we understand life is not just about MMI, the more peace we will have in our lives because we are not fighting the points of view of others. We become more and more secure in what, and why, we believe what we do as God synchs our thoughts to His truth, and we can remain relaxed no matter what’s going on.

<>< Peace, Diane

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