Sanctification Makes Relaxation Real

Again, last week we discussed how we are given peace when we surrender our lives to Jesus as Savior and Lord. The Holy Spirit unites with our spirit, giving us life and all the fruits and gifts we will ever need to live the Abundant Life. That is what happens at Salvation. We are granted righteousness, a right standing with God, since He no longer counts our sinful nature, and the sins that result from it, against us because Jesus has paid the price for all of that wickedness. So because of what He has already done, we have our slates wiped clean, if you will, and peace can be ours, no matter what is going on.

But now we turn to what Christians call Sanctification. This is when we actually start acting like this New Creation in Christ that we now are, and peace becomes more an more real to us. We transition from the self-centered “I think, I feel, I want” to connecting with God and asking Him, “What do You think, feel and want, Lord?” As we come to Jesus in prayer, He begins to renew our minds, that is He begins to help us think in terms of truth and self-LESS-ness, just like He does. But it is vital that we work with Him with humility.

<>< Peace, Diane

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