Seven Ripples of Life

I would like to share with you this week something the Lord showed me a long time ago. I call it the Seven Ripples of Life. Just like when a rock falls into water and causes ripples to go outward, so too Jesus, who is The Rock, causes changes in every area of our lives when He comes to live within us. 

The first of these “ripples” I call New You. This is about our relationship with God. It talks about our Salvation, when we surrender our lives to Jesus as Savior, but also our Sanctification as He truly becomes our Lord. I talk about this area of our lives all the time because it is the foundation for everything else, but it is not the only part of our lives that Jesus transforms.

I will break this down the rest of the week, but here’s the full list:

1- New You

2- Health Seekers

3- Affectionately Yours

4- Balanced Parenting

5- Effective Finances

6- Growing Relationships

7- Joyous Service

God desires to change each of these areas in our lives so that we can have growing peace and joy, as well as a fulfilling and Abundant Life.

<>< Peace, Diane