The One Way

Only One Way to Heaven, but endless paths to this One Way, because Jesus would never reject anyone. (Ps 51:17) Some think that Christianity is not inclusive, but how much more inclusive can you get than “whosoever would believe in Him”??? (Jn 3:16) There are no limits to who can come to Christ. There is also no limit on when you can come to Him, that is in this world, before you leave this realm. This is not in the Bible, so don’t leave me comments on it, but I believe Jesus continues to offer Himself into the nanoseconds right before your mind goes numb, your lungs stop inhaling and your heart stops beating. When we are dying, we are transitioning out of Time as we know it, into Eternity. Problem is, if you do not received Jesus as Lord and Savior, even then, you will exist forever, but nowhere you would want to. As I quoted a couple of weeks ago, there are only two realities after this world: eternal death OR eternal life. (see again Daniel 12:2 and Mt 24:46) But praise God, if you are listening to this video, then you still have an opportunity to make this amazing, life-giving choice if you haven’t yet…because again, it is the only Way to Heaven. Listen to this week’s “verse to memorize” from John 14:6, then let’s talk about it this week.  

“Jesus answered, ‘I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.’” Jn 14:6 NIV

Again I say, only One Way to Heaven…

Join me in memorizing 52 verses this year:

January: 1- Jn 3:16; 2- 2Co 5:17; 3- Jas 2:26; 4- Eph 2:10

February: 5- Jn 10:10; 6- Ro 6:23; 7- Rev 21:4; 8- Php 4:13

March: 9- 1Pe 5:7; 10- Jn 8:32; 11- Dt 30:19; 12- Jn 3:30; 13- 2Chron 20:3

April: 14- 2Chron 20:12; 15- 2Chron 20:15b; 16- 2Chron 20:17 

May: 17- Ro 8:28; 18- 1Co 13:13; 19- Php 2:12; 20- Mt 5:4

21- Lk 23:42

22- Jas 4:7

23- Pr 22:6

24- Mt 5:3 

25- Jn 14:6

<>< Peace, Diane