Using Both Eyes & Ears

Hi Friends,

     Jesus often said, “He who has eyes, let them see and He who has ears, let them hear.” I believe part of what He meant was that, with everything that happens in life, there are both a worldly message and a spiritual lesson. When we focus only on the physical, we miss a lot about what God is trying to communicate with us. I have often said, the question is NOT does God talk with us, but HOW does God talk with us? One of the ways certainly is through every event in our lives. God wants us to know Him and the more we seek the spiritual lesson in whatever is happening, the more personal and intimate our relationship with God becomes. 

     Does this mean we will always see and hear something deeper than whatever is on the surface? No, it doesn’t. This is one of the reasons the Bible encourages us to walk by Faith. We are to understand what we can, but the rest we are to trust God because He knows the purpose in what is happening. But again, there is much we can understand and so we should seek God and ask Him to give us eyes to see and ears to hear. 

     A great example is this video by Dr Eric Berg. I am always doing research to understand this incredible human body God has given us and how to become healthier and Dr Berg is one of the resources I use. When I saw this very interesting and powerful video, I also saw the spiritual message behind it. Spoiler alert, Dr Berg rightly talks about how the sun’s rays produce Vitamin D in our bodies which help to keep us healthy as well as fight infections, like this COVID-19. That’s the physical, worldly reality. But what I also heard was exposure to the SON will keep us healthy and cure all our illnesses. The deadliest disease we humans have, so much more deadly that COVID, is sin. Jesus is our ONLY cure for this cancer that has infected every part of this world. This is our real pandemic and it is only when we bask in the SON, when we surrender to this Divine Physician, that we can be healed of sin once and for all times. 

     Whatever you are going through today, the seemingly small things or the seriously big things, I hope you will begin to see and hear with both sets of eyes and ears today to understand what God is trying to teach you through it. This is also a part of the Abundant Life Jesus died to give us. Something seemingly small can explode in meaning when we, not only see and hear what is happening in worldly terms, but then see and hear what God is meaning in the spiritual realm too. As with everything in this NEW Life, this takes practice, but the more you sense God speaking to you in the circumstance, the more amazing life becomes. This has been my experience, do you want it too? Then won’t you join me?

     Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane

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