Day of Prayer & Fasting

Hi Friends,

     Fasting seems to be such a lost discipline in our church these days. But it is when we choose to give up something for the One Who gave up everything for us, that we can deepen our intimacy with God. The question in this fallen world is not will we suffer, but rather, what will we do with our suffering. Php 1:29 says; “For it has been granted to you on behalf of Christ not only to believe on Him, but also to suffer for Him.” While we would rather focus on the believing part with its blessings and glory, the way we get to all that goodness is to endure the suffer that comes along with following Jesus.

     The Lord taught me many powerful lessons through my Angel Pie’s trial with the most important one being what true love really is. God also showed me that love endures all things as it says in 1Co 13. In order to endure, there must be suffering involved. And it is because of, and in spite, of the suffering that I have come to a point in my walk with Jesus that I am really content, no matter what is going on around me. He has taught, and continues to teach me how to not allow the things outside of me to affect and infect me, but rather, to hold on to Him and affect and infect them instead. 

     If we are called my His Name, then we have to ACT like it, Church! It is time for us to stop allowing the culture to influence the Church! We are supposed to hold on to God’s Truth and influence the culture. We have allowed things to become backwards, my Friends. As I said above, we are not to be affected and infected by the world, but we are supposed to grow so we can lean on God and change the world instead. Even if we FEEL fear, we are not to ACT on that fear. It is time for the Church to trust God and respond in Faith, not fear. This is our opportunity to show what being saved is all about, not being better than the world, but certainly being different.

     Today I hope you will join me in, not only continuing to pray, but also to fast. If you have medical issues and cannot go the entire day without eating, please fast from something and use that time and energy to cry out to God. As we continue to pray for comfort for those who have lost a loved one, healing for those ill, protection for those caring for the sick, let us also shift our hopes to the “reopening” of Life. Intelligently, responsibly pray for our leaders to ease us back into living on purpose for a purpose. 

     Would you leave a comment below and share what your plans are for today? I thank you my Friends and hope God continues to keep you safe and strong in Christ!

     Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane

8 thoughts on “Day of Prayer & Fasting”

  1. Good morning my sister and friend,
    I will be in prayer throughout today, esp, and will be fasting also through the day from food, not fluids.
    Please continue to lift up my household as we take care of my Father-in-law who’s physical journey is coming to an end. Let him feel peace and calmness, physical comfort and feel the presence of the Lord. help my boys to find peace as they say goodbye to their grandpa and for phil and I to feel God’s presence through it all.

    1. Amen. May God’s peace fall upon each of you during this challenging time. What an honor to escort him into the arms of our waiting Lord.

      1. Thank you and amen. Trials are building us up so when we join our loved ones in Paradise, there will be no more struggling, ever. How I look forward to that day…but in the meantime, with God’s help, we will be the greatest blessing we can be on earth.

    2. Oh Linda, I will keep you, Phil, & your sons as you each say your goodbyes to your father-in-law, father, & grandpa over the final part of his journey in life! I feel your heartache & sadness in your prayer request! This is one thing I can be sure of these days:Our God loves all of you, Our Savior hears your pleas for a quiet & peaceful ending to his time on earth, & Our Holy Spirit will comfort you & fill your home with the impervious peace of Our FatherGod! I love you my sister! Thank you for sharing!

  2. Beautifully said Diane. I too fast often as I pray for God’s mercy and grace in my life. He has carried me through many struggles. I will be joining you today fasting and praying for all of us during this crisis.

  3. Hi Diane,
    Joining you and other fellow believers of Jesus in prayer and fasting today from breakfast and lunch and instead be in prayer and in the God’s Word. Praying for the same items you listed but especially for all those who are weak in spirit and have suicidal tendencies. I know of one young lady who has already taken her life (please pray for her family) and others who are suicidal (received a prayer request late last night).
    Thank you Father for hearing our cries and answering our prayers.

    1. How heartbreaking! This is one of the reasons we must get back to living our lives, responsibly yes, but the “cure” is becoming worse than the “illness”! It is time to live…the Church must lead the way with patience, love and grace. No More Fear! We can be People of Faith because we have a very faithful God! Thank you for sharing. We will keep all these families in prayer.

  4. Oh my dear sisters in Christ, I’m so thankful for this limited & scattered opportunity to be with each of you in prayer and spirit! I’ve given television ? (specifically-the news) today and 1 meal out of my 2/day for Him! Shamefully I must admit These both get in the way of being with Him more intimately!! So thank you Diane for following the HolySpirit’s prompting! God bless you!

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