Adding Value Is a Privilege

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The next behavior Mrs Meyer talks about is one that will, not only display our New Identity in Christ, but also lead us further into the Abundant Life this New Identity offers. She calls it the Habit of Adding Value to Others. This is the whole point to life, to love God with all we’ve got, and to display His Love by loving others. She rightly says that there is such a great sense of guilt and condemnation in way too many people, in and out of Church, that we must make it a priority to make sure we are lifting up those around us daily. She challenges us to set a goal, every day to make at least three people smile. We can do this by finding ways to sincerely compliment everyone we encounter. Another way to lift others up is to give them credit when they do something well. In addition, if they helped us accomplish something well, we should never forget to share the credit with them too. Every human craves to feel important and we have the privilege to fulfill this need in others. Thank people. Appreciate them. Take time to actively listen to them. That means not thinking about what you are going to say while they are still talking, but giving them your full attention. Again, loving others the way God loves us is one of our highest privileges as human beings…we must ask ourselves, how often do we take advantage of this privilege?

I think too often we forget the Golden Rule. It was not a nice suggestion from Jesus to His followers. It is a command that will help us, and others, experience more of the Abundant Life. We want others to help us feel seen, heard and important, right? So we must sow those seeds in the lives of others too. Do unto others AS YOU WOULD HAVE them do unto you…not as others have done unto you. Do we get that? You want a more fulfilling life? Then go be that fulfillment for someone else. And it doesn’t matter whether they deserve it or not…none of us deserve God’s Love, yet He pours it out upon us every day. We are obeying God and stepping out in Faith when we seek to be a blessing to others. This is what Mrs Meyer is talking about here, and it can lead to a very exciting life when we look, on purpose, for ways to bless others. It takes us out of that lower, unsatisfying MMI way of existing, and moves us to the Life God always desired us to have, enjoy and share. Let’s take a moment today and, intentionally, create ways to add value to those around us.

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