Level By Level

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As we thirst and hunger and burn to know God deeper and deeper still, our lives become more fulfilling because this is what we were created for. And I believe for most people, this happens in stages. This is me talking here, not this author, so here is my breakdown, as I understand it: 

First, we hear about Jesus and come to believe that He is real and that He did indeed die on a Cross for the sin of the world. But this may or may not be internalized. In other words, we have not had a personal encounter with Jesus where we understand He died for ME and MY sin, not just generally for “the world.” These are those who casually believe but nothing in their heart has changed. Life is still all about MMI. God is just a side note in their lives, if anything at all.

Second, we become deeply convicted that Jesus is MY Savior. That He died on The Cross for MY sin. That He desires to be MY Lord and help me live the Abundant Life He died to give ME. We truly believe that the Father loves ME. That Jesus set ME free. And that the Holy Spirit now lives within ME. These are those whose hearts have been changed and we know we belong to God, forevermore.

Third, we grow in God’s Love and Grace to continue the transformation He began at our Salvation. We begin to let go of worldly, selfish and wrong thoughts as God renews our minds. (see Ro 12:2) We start getting control over our emotions as God grows within us the Fruit of the Spirit. (see Gal 5:22-23) And we change our desires to match God’s Will instead of our own as God continues to teach us how to live this New Life in Christ. (see Lk 22:42) These are those who are learning how to follow Jesus.

Lastly, we increasingly display our maturity as we seek to live love, just like Jesus did, and still does. It is here where we begin sharing this New Life in Christ with those around us, in the hope of lighting someone else’s candle, as we talked about yesterday. 

These are those God can use in great ways, people like our author this month, AW Tozer. May we each desire this highest level and pursue God who is more than glad to help us achieve it.

2023’s Got A Minute? Book Club

January: The First & Best Book Ever: The Bible

February: Love Is In the Air: “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” by Gary Chapman

March: Spring Growth: “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson

April: Living the Resurrected Life: “The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life” by Dr Charles Stanley

May: My Spiritual Mom: “Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits” by Joyce Meyer

June: Spiritual Dad:  “It’s Not About Me- Rescue from the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy” by Max Lucado

July: Financial Freedom “Complete Guide to Money” by Dave Ramsey

August: Summer’s Soul Restorer “A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23” by W Phillip Keller

September: Covering Our Children: “Prayers for the Prodigals” by James Banks

October: Reformation of Our Hearts: “Grace: More Than We Deserve, Greater Than We Imagine” by Max Lucado

November: So Thankful To Be Chosen: “The Chosen 40 Days with Jesus Book One, Book Two & Book Three” by Amanda Jenkins, Kristen Hendricks and Dallas Jenkins

December: Emmanuel: “The Pursuit of God- The Human Thirst for the Divine” by AW Tozer

<>< Peace, Diane