Be Humble

There are things we should allow our children to choose, but in the end, we must have the last say. Parents are supposed to parents, we are NOT their BFF’s. When we allow our children to rule the roost, the roost gets out of order and no one is blessed. So one of the most important lessons we can teach our children is: It is not about “me”? Humility is definitely NOT something that comes naturally to us humans. Again, Pride is what happened to our hearts in The Downfall, and it still trips us up all the time today. When we think life is ALL about “me,” how can we love God with all we’ve got and love our neighbors as we love ourselves? We are way too busy just loving ourselves for any of that other stuff, right?! 

If Pride is our problem, which it is, then Humility, to be more and more like Jesus, is our only hope of solving this deadly challenge. As we grow in Christ, we are transformed from our self-centered nature to His Humble Character, so the more we spiritually mature, the more humble we will be…this is what we must teach our kids. We humans, both parents and children, will never be perfect this side of Heaven, but by His Grace, we can become the person God originally designed us to be, one decision at a time. The more we train them to live in that “Gethsemane Moment,” when we speak honestly to God, but then choose to trust Him and follow Him wherever He may lead, the more we will have raised good and helpful citizens, who follow God as closely as possible. That’s the goal, My Friends.

<>< Peace, Diane

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