Just Listen

Sometimes we parents think it is our job to fix every problem our children are experiencing, but this may not true. Many times, all our children need is an ear. To be heard is one of the human’s core needs. This is why prayer is so vital in the life of a child of God. Knowing that He is always ready and willing to hear us out, can be one of the most amazing and comforting aspects of our relationship with our Holy Father. And this might be what our own kids need too, especially the older they get. 

Learn to just be there. No judging. No counseling. No parental wisdom. Just be there and listen. Life is hard, sometimes the best thing we can do for our children is nothing at all, but sit with them and empathize. How do we know when to share our opinions and when to just listen? We ask them. Open communication is vital in all relationships, how much more with our own growing children? They need to know we trust them enough to solve any issues with the help of God alone…unless they want our help, then we are more than ready to do our best. And then, we pray together and put the situation in God’s hands.

Ultimately, this is what we want, and need, to teach our children, that their Holy Father is always with them, to hear or to help, even when we are not with them. This is how we grow children who are independent of us and this world, but more and more dependent on God. I know this is true, because this is what God is doing for each of His kids too.

<>< Peace, Diane

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