Confusion Mentality

We must speak truth in love and so, I am saying this with as much love as I can, while not misrepresenting God’s Way, so please give me mercy as you listen. When women began to work outside the home, there was a void left that opened the door to much confusion. What does a man and woman look like? What is each gender’s role in the marriage, family and society in general? Again, I am not saying women should not work. We have become a vital part in the work force, and there is nothing wrong with using our God given talents to help and bless this society…unless of course, this leads to problems in the marriage, or to children being on their own. Recall, in God’s Order, it is the Mom’s privilege and honor to comfort, teach and nurture her children, but if Mom is out working all the time, or becomes too tired to fulfill this role, then what happens to the children? Children need to learn, but without the Mom carrying out her role, who are they learning from? If we do not teach them, this fallen world, with the influence from the enemy, will be more than glad to do so!

It is vital that both Dad and Mom love their children. One way to do this is to display their individual roles by living it out in front of them. This is how young ladies learn to be women, and how young men learn to be real men. Apart from these important lessons that Dad and Mom are supposed to be modeling to their children, confusion gains a wide open door to come into our babies minds, and fill their hearts with lies, that they innocently take in as truth. Is it a wonder what is happening in the world today? Moms we need to be Moms and we need to help Dads be Dads for our marriage sake and for our children’s sake.

<>< Peace, Diane

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