Love Mentality

Silence means agreement. Did you ever notice that? When we do not say anything, others assume we agree with them. So as the Church quietly watches things in this fallen world turn right to wrong and wrong to right, and say nothing? We are being complaisant. We add to the problem instead of joining God and helping to be part of a solution. I know it takes courage to speak out when we see the way this world, and possibly those we love, are straying far from God’s Plan and Order. Yet if we truly love that person, if we really want the best for this world, then speak we must!

 We need not get violent. We should not become hateful and disrespectful. But we must speak truth in love, just like Jesus did. Jesus spoke truth into the lives of the scribes and Pharisees because He loved them and those they were supposed to be leading. He refused to sit by quietly and let them run head first into the flame…but do we? Church, we are supposed to imitate Jesus in all things, including this. We especially must reach out to those who say they are Christians, but are following this world’s concepts instead of God’s truth. The truth is men and women are very different. Each sex is specifically and specially created to fulfill a specific and special role. Men are not women, and women are not men. The gender confusion is meant by the enemy to alter, pervert and destroy God’s Order. Again, with love towards those we speak to, we must speak. More tomorrow… 

<>< Peace, Diane

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