Counseling & Comforting

The Holy Spirit is our counsellor. The Bible talks about how important it is to get wise counsel before we make any decisions. No one is expected to make choices in life by themselves. Again I say, we need each other. As we wives grow in our personal relationship with God, the Holy Spirit will impress upon us how we should counsel our husbands. We should almost become like a second conscience they can count on to keep them on the right track. We receive from the Holy Spirit, then we give to our husbands, then we pray together and individually for God’s Will to be clear. 

The Holy Spirit is also our comforter. When life happens, because it will, we are supposed to gently comfort our spouse and simply be there for them. For men to know they have the freedom and security to be real, and show all their emotions to their caring wives, can be so very powerful. Sadly, this broken society tries to convince men that they have to suck it up and bury their feelings down deep. That is both tragic and very unhealthy! Again, as godly wives, when we comfort our husbands, we open the doors for healing, restoration, and growth, so they can be stronger than they ever were before. 

Counseling and comforting. See? Being a “helper” is such a vital and powerful role. And so very needed in this very confused world. That should be encouraging, should elevate us and empower us…more tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane

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