Day 19 Bold Prayer

Day 19 Bold Prayer

Connect and Reflect

Hi Friends,

     As I have said before, the point to becoming born again is not Heaven, although praise God we GET to go to Paradise to be with Him forevermore! The point to Salvation is transformation. First, God transforms our spirit from death to life when we surrender our lives to Jesus as Savior, and the Holy Spirit unites with our dead spirit. Then this transformation process continues as we grow in the Holy Spirit to think, respond and desire what God does. He literally gives us the desires of our heart, as we delight in Him. (Ps 37:4)  That means He aligns what we want from ourselves, others and life in general, to match what He wants for our lives. The more we allow Him to renew our minds and help us control our emotions, the more we will choose His Holy Way over our old, selfish ways. 

     To transform our souls, this process we call Sanctification, requires allowing God to teach us what is truth and what is false. The thoughts we used to have before Christ were shaped by this corrupt world, by the other broken people in our lives and by our own fallen nature. If we have grasped any goodness during that time where we were separated from God, it is only because of the Grace of God over our lives already. After all, we did have some good ideas before, right? We were able to control ourselves IF we REALLY had to, correct? We did want, deep in our hearts, to love and be loved, yes? All this was the Grace of God on us even before we met Him and surrendered to His Love. If it was through our submission that we became born again, saved for all Eternity, then it is only through continued surrender that we can live out this Saved Life. That’s my interpretation of Gal 3:1-3. Basically it says, if we needed Jesus to BE saved, then we still need Him to LIVE saved.

     One of the amazing things about this growing relationship with God is how He desires to use us, even as we are transforming! Service is what we were made for, (see Eph 2:10) and so a life without serving God will never be fulfilling. As we mature, we discover and begin to use the gifts of the Spirit. For me it is being a teacher, an encourager and a hungry student too. I LOVE to pour myself into God’s Word and learn as much as I possibly can about what pleases God, so I can live it and share it with others. This Abundant Life is like nothing anyone can ever experience in this world! And surely it cannot be had, enjoyed or shared apart from Him. (see Jn 15:5) As painful as it was to watch my Baby Girl go through the horrors she did, all of it has shaped me into this warrior for God. I know where she is and she has already heard those precious words I long to hear: “Well done, My good and faithful servant!” And so I serve joyfully in her memory and for His glory!

     The three calls. God is constantly calling out to us, my Friends. First and foremost, the Call of Salvation, so that we may be with Him forevermore. Then the Call of Sanctification, so that we may be like Him and draw others to Him forevermore. Lastly, the Call to Service, so that we can join God in His incredible Love and Plan for humanity…and as we simply agree and obey, He plans to give us rewards forevermore! Talk about adding icing to the cake! All this revolves around this amazing relationship God desires to have with us, His children. Take a moment today and see how great is our God! The more we connect with Him, the more we WILL reflect Him. His glory will flow to us, then through us, as we simply choose to abide in Him. That IS the Abundant Life, my Friends, and I am so honored and thankful to God that I am living it! How about you? Then won’t you join me?

Let’s pray:

     Lord this Abundant Life in union with You, Father, because of the saving work of You, Jesus, and through the continued sanctifying work of You, Holy Spirit, is more precious than all the treasures of the world and beyond! Thank You for loving us and making it possible for us to be able to come boldly to Your Throne and pray before You. Lord we continue to place this world pandemic in Your more than capable hands. We ask for You to comfort those who have had to say good-bye to their loved ones too soon. We pray for You to heal those infected, pouring Your peace upon them. We ask for You to protect those serving, filling them with courage and skill. And, Lord, we pray for You to give wisdom and direction to those in leadership positions, strengthening them to continue fighting this good fight. The celebration of Your Resurrection Day approaches and we pray that we may praise Your Holy Name together as a Forever Family in Christ. Lord we submit to You: spirit, soul and body, may Your will be done. Whether we do this apart in our own homes or gathered in Your church buildings, is in Your mighty hands. Either way, celebrate we will, for nothing that has every happened on this planet has more power and is more worthy to honor than the day You defeated sin, Satan and death itself. Lord we rejoice in You and pray in Your matchless Name, Jesus. Amen. 

     Until we meet again, keep lifting your eyes to God, He’s closer than you think.

<>< Peace, Diane

4 thoughts on “Day 19 Bold Prayer”

  1. Thank you Diane! I’m going to miss seeing you every morning at 10 AM after Easter.? First, I want to comment on your shirt. Love it! I love my husband too!! Second, each one of your messages has been rich, meaningful, prevalent, useful and I am grateful and honored to have been a part of it so far. I would like to print this particular one and share with others. Bless you my sister in Christ. Love you,Cathy

  2. Diane- for me you have always been an amazing gift. I always ind you so easy to listen to and learn from. Thank you for pouring yourself into the word and all of us! Love you ❤️

    1. What a blessing to share my heart about how amazing our Lord is with all of you! Thank you for your kind words. May God continue to keep you safe.

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