First call: Call of Salvation

At many points in everyone’s lives, God will call out to us to clearly tell us He loves us, that He desires to be our Holy Father and begin this forever relationship with us. He will do so until we surrender or until we leave this world. Often this call will come when we have come to the end of ourselves so that we can quiet our world enough to actually hear this calling from God’s heart to our own. This was certainly my case. If you’d like to know more about my story, click here: 

When we do hear God calling out, we must make one of those decisions we talked about yesterday: 

1- Delete

2- Delay

3- YES!

If you have chosen to say YES, then you are a NEW Creation in Christ (see 2Co 5:17) Begin to live NEW by staying connected to the Holy Spirit and growing in Christ.

If you never have, won’t you stop right now and pray with me?

Jesus, I need You! 

Come into my heart. 

Change me for good, forever. 

I am Yours!

Please leave a comment below if you did pray this for the first time and I will give you resources to begin your walk with Christ.

<>< Peace, Diane