I Am Who I Am

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I Am. This is the most sacred Name with which we believers may call God that fully points to His Immaculate Character. It is in the Book of Exodus, when God is calling the great Moses, that we first hear this Name. You can read the entire account in Exodus chapter 3, with verse 14 being where God introduces Himself as “I AM WHO I AM.” 

What does this mean? God is Eternal, always has been and always will be. And I know this makes our tiny human brains hurt, but can you see why it is vital that we walk by Faith? God is telling Moses that God’s existence does not depend on anyone or anything else. He lives outside of Time, Matter and Space and is completely unlike anything or anyone He created. He is our Omnipotent— All-Powerful— God Who was exhibiting His power as He created all that is seen and unseen. He is our Omniscient— All-Knowing— God Who is fully aware of everything, including the heart and motives of each and every person. And He will continue to be our Omnipresent— All-Present everywhere at the same time— God Who we can trust and follow all the way until the End of Time and beyond. God was, is and will always be. Thus the Name “I Am,” or Yahweh, becomes the personal and sacred Name of our Creator God. You can check out the video (link below) from Bible Project for more info about this Sacred Name. 

So can we see how vitally important it is that Jesus calls Himself, “I Am”? Jesus is telling them, and us, that He indeed is God. And we also can see how controversial it was back then to the Jewish nation, and still is today with a world that does not want to acknowledge our God Creator. 

Just to let you know, this week’s videos might be a bit longer than you’re used to with me, but there is so much goodness to unfold, I couldn’t possibly make them shorter. We will start tomorrow with the first two proclamations.

Bible Project: https://bibleproject.com/explore/video/yhwh-lord/

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