Love Is Willing to Change

You are God’s beloved no matter what else happens in this world. From the moment you surrendered your life, to all Eternity, you are His! Again we do not HAVE TO change for God to love us, but if we love Him we will WANT to change. There is a huge difference between “have to” and “want to”! Remember what I said last week about the two things God requires of His children? A willing heart…see how it all comes together? If we want to, that is we are willing to let Him transform us, then everyone benefits. 

First, God is glorified more deeply through us…that means we reflect His Nature more and more instead of our old, fallen one. For example, we may serve as a tangible example of peace to others. When life gets chaotic, you and I can hold on to this New Identity in Christ which means we will hold on to peace too. This world is hungry to see this kind of different response to life’s struggles, and when we willingly work with God to transform us, we can teach others what true peace is all about.

Second, we are actually able to be a blessing to others. This may mean
“inconveniencing” ourselves for the sake of someone else by sharing our time, talents and treasures. Or this may mean lovingly correcting someone who is not lining up with God’s Wisdom and falling off the right path. Or this may simply mean becoming more sensitive to others so we know when they just need a hug! There are countless ways we can love God by loving others.

Lastly, our lives become so much more filled with peace that we can relax no matter what is going on. We have put God first, we have blessed others, and our lives are fulfilling because this is what we were created for…to be God’s beloved, and holy, children.

<>< Peace, Diane

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