Love Makes Us Holy

We belong to God, and because of that, we are called God’s beloved and we are called holy. We are holy, not because of anything we have done or not done, but because of what Jesus has done for us. He has taken away our sin nature and made us pure of heart. But as we grow in Christ, we actually start acting like we are holy more and more. Again it is a process, never forget that. So be patient with yourself, and others…God certainly is more than patient with us. But never misunderstand His patience for His permission. God gives us many opportunities to correct our wrong thoughts and the wrong behaviors that come with it, but if we do not choose to do so, well then He will allow things to happen where we will want to do so!

We are never better than anyone else. I always say we are each just one decision away from destruction! If we choose to listen to our three enemies- THE real enemy, this fallen world, or our old, broken self- we can make choices that cause horrible harm. Please never think we are above anyone else! But if you are born again, if God has changed your identity, your name from sinner to God’s beloved, holy child, then my goodness we should be different! Different than this fallen world for sure, but also different than who we used to be. We should desire and seek to be better today than yesterday, but “more better” tomorrow than even today. Again it is a process…are you getting it yet? The Good News is that God will change us so long as we come to Him, give Him our willing heart and open mind and want Him to change us…

<>< Peace, Diane

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