…Makes Us Good & Faithful Servants

One of the ways that God helps us have finances is by making us healthy enough to have a job. (Dt 8:18) But occupations should provide more than just an income. They should be something we are passionate about. Something where we use our time and talents towards being a blessing to others. Something that will fulfill our lives, as well as our family’s. Our occupation should do all that and more…yet I know way too many people who are stuck in jobs they hate. How strange! Perhaps it is time to pray to God and trust Him further? Ask Him to reveal your vocation instead.

What’s a vocation? Dictionary defines it like this: a strong feeling of suitability for a particular career or occupation. You see, there is a huge difference between any old job, and feeling like you were made for a particular career. I don’t think we will ever feel fulfilled in our jobs if we do not sense a “calling” to be there. Here you get to use your God given talents to be exactly where and who God designed you to be. And becoming who He made us to be, is the only way we will ever become His “good & faithful servants.” (Mt 25:21)

My Friends, I hope you noticed that, all week we have been talking about how God makes us different in every area of our lives. These are the Seven Ripples of Life…we will start focusing on Finances specifically tomorrow, see you then…

<>< Peace, Diane

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