…Makes Us More Caring Friends

Especially given what we have and are still experiencing lately, loneliness, isolation and feeling like no one cares is the real virus that has been circulating around this globe. There are so many hurting people in the world, and many of them are right in your realm of outreach. This means those around you, need you. They need your listening ear, your heartfelt comfort, your wonderful humor, your caring arms, your insightful wisdom. Whatever it is God has blessed you with, there is someone around you that you are supposed to touch with that gift. Seek them and reach out.

We were created for relationships and we will never live a truly fulfilling life until we, on purpose, make all sorts of relationships. Whether that means with your parents, employer, colleagues, brothers and sisters in Christ, or even the local grocery cashier, knowing that life is not about Me, helps us step outside of our tiny little MMI bubble and be a friend to those around us. This is a big part of the Abundant Life.

<>< Peace, Diane

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