…Makes Us Healthier, Inside & Out

The more we begin to grasp this truth, it’s not about “ME,” the more freedom we can experience in life. For instance, instead of trying to be perfect all the time- which by the way is impossible for any human, sorry to inform you- we can learn to lean on God and His Wisdom and simply follow Him. This takes lots and lots of training, but this is what we were meant to do, to grow into His Likeness and reflect Him more and more…and in the meantime, we can increasingly have, enjoy and share the Abundant Life.

In addition to having more peace and joy in our lives, hopefully we will also begin to make healthier choices for our physical health too. Since we will begin to understand that we are not supposed to indulge ourselves, after all, “it’s not about ‘ME’,” we will start to discipline our bodies by eating well, getting plenty of hydration, being more active, insuring we have restful sleep, taking care of our Gut Health, learning to take time to relax, and cleaning up our environment as much as possible. We spent all sorts of time discussing these “7 Pillars of Physical Health,” but I hope you understand that, it is only as we start living like “it’s not about ME” that we will automatically make these healthier choices, for our inner life, as well as our outer.

<>< Peace, Diane

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