Move On vs Move Forward

When we must end a relationship for whatever reason, it often can leave us in a state of feeling unsettled. By God’s Grace, we can “move on” with life, but perhaps deep within, we sense some unresolved issues that can bleed out into other relationships. Without realizing it, we bring these hidden emotions into other situations which can cause problems in those relationships. Only when we sit with God, will He reveal these buried experiences and help us uproot, then heal them, so we can have healthier friendships with those currently in our lives. This is the difference between moving on and moving forward.

It may take some time, and it may hurt a bit, but if we really want to have good and healthy relationships, we must dig in deep when we see any pattern of problematic relationships. I often say, we must look for the common denominator in these broken friendships, and often, it is the person staring right back at me in the mirror! When that happens, it is time to go to my Divine Physician to diagnose the problem and heal it, so it doesn’t fowl up any other ties I am forming with others. Then there are less conflicts with my current relationships, and more peace which we all want. 

Again, as I have confessed, I believe this is one of the things God is working on in my own life. Centering deeper than ever before in my most vital friendship with God, being open and honest about my heart with my husband and son, learning to form boundaries with my biological and Forever families, and then bringing all of this wisdom into every relationship I have, is making my life more harmonious, peaceful and giving me a deeper sense of unity. I pray the same for your life, my Friends!

<>< Peace, Diane