Friends For a Season

Sometimes we have really good and healthy relationships with someone, but it does not last for a whole lifetime. The saying is that, those friends are only in our lives “for a season.” We love them dearly, and hopefully, they love us back, but then we each move on to our individual “corners of the world” and we are not involved in each other’s lives ever again. This can be difficult for us, but if we learn to cherish those people, if we learn to hold on to the good times we have shared, if we learn to grow from those friendships, all that will serve to enhance our future relationships. 

No one likes to let go, especially when it is a friendship that has brought us much peace and joy, but we cannot hold on to things that are no longer ours to hold on to. This reminds me of several friendships I have had in the past, but of course, it reminds me most of my Baby Girl. As saved and forgiven Christians, our Hope is that we will be united with these beloved Brothers and Sisters again, perhaps not in this life, but certainly in the next. Again, we cherish the individual, and then we move forward, not just move on, but forward…

<>< Peace, Diane