NEW Family

This is a tough topic, but so important for us to understand, and have the courage to share with those that do not yet know Christ as Savior. 

Today’s verses: Matthew 25: 31-34; 41 but please read this whole section 25: 31-46

The sad reality is that not everyone will choose to surrender their lives to Jesus. As the Bible states, there will be those who will be sheep, saved by Grace through Faith, and there will be those who refuse to change and will stay in their sinful state. While God Loves everyone and desires everyone to be saved, He will not force Himself on anyone. (Eze 18:23; 1Ti 2:3-4; 2Pe 3:9) We must receive His Salvation…we cannot do anything to earn it, God has already done everything so we may have it, all that is left is for us to humble ourselves, surrender and receive it.

It is vital as part of this New Family, that we share our Faith with others, not to force them to make a choice, not to make them feel guilty or less than, but to hopefully move their heart to seek God for themselves, so they may decide whether to become adopted into his New Family (sheep) or remain apart from God for all time (goat). 

The moment we receive His Salvation, we become a member of God’s New Family…Hallelujah!

<>< Peace, Diane

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