Our Microbiome & Alcohol

As I study this topic of our Microbiome, I come across a whole lot of great articles that can help us understand the affects various habits can have on our Microbiome and this one is another, the link is below, and it is called “Alcohol and the Gut.” 1 or 2 glasses of red wine can be a healthy thing for us since it contains heart healthy and Microbiome loving polyphenols, but anything in excess can be harmful. When it comes to drinking any type of alcohol, much caution must be taken.

We all should know drunkenness is a sin, and one of the many reasons it is so is probably because of the horrible, negative affects these fluids can have on our Microbiome. Too much alcohol on any given day, as well as habitual alcoholism of course, can cause havoc to our friendly microbes which can lead to all sorts of illnesses. Again check out the short, well written article link below, for some of the affects of alcohol on our microbiome, as well as some of their helpful suggestions. 

What I do want to emphasize here though is that, just like quitting smoking, there is help available for you to stop drinking if you have a problem in this area. But the truth is, unless you receive the Love of God, you might struggle with the idea that you are worthy of stopping and being healthier than you are right now. We all have a spirit, whether you have surrendered your life to Jesus or not…but without the Love of God, that spirit is dead, or in other words, selfish, self-centered and self-absorbed, and for the most part you are going to do whatever is easy, comfortable and pleasurable…even if it leads you towards death. Everything is a spiritual battle…more tomorrow… 

<>< Peace, Diane

Alcohol and the Gut


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