Everything Affects Everything

It should be common sense that what we take into our bodies, will affect everything about our bodies, including our Microbiome. Whether we are talking about the foods we eat and the drinks we drink, or whatever we are breathing in like smoking anything or the chemicals in our foods and food containers, everything affects everything else. Have I said that enough times by now? But it doesn’t only affect us physically. It influences us mentally, emotionally, and let us not forget, spiritually too. 

You see, these foreign substances can either lead to diseases that might distract us from our spiritual growth or these habits can become idols in our lives. Either way, our relationship with God can be hindered, altered or stunted. Whenever we are going through any trial, we should not run to food or other substances that try to numb us. We must learn to run to God, receive His comfort, insight, direction or whatever else we need that will really help us through the issue at hand. My Friends, we have a real enemy who is playing the same game of destruction he started in the Garden of Eden…hmmm that sounds like a good talk for next week…see you then.

<>< Peace, Diane

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