Our New Identity

So you want a life filled to the overflow with peace and the relaxation that it brings? Well, then we have to learn WHO we are in Christ! Knowing our New Identity in Christ is the number one way to have peace and be able to relax, no matter what’s going on around us, because this New Identity gives us security. Even when all the things of life keep changing, even though the enemy is sneaky and deceptive changing his tricks as he tries to make us fall and even when we ourselves keep transforming, holding on to this New Identity that NEVER changes provides constant assurance. This New Identity does not change because it is based on the never changing God…if He says it, He means it, period! 

We will continue this week with the renewal of our minds, changing the way we think so that we can become more and more like Jesus and have more of this peace that He offers us. As He renews our thoughts, we begin to see ourselves the way He does, through the eyes of this New Identity we now have. 

So what is this New Identity? If you have sincerely surrendered your life to Jesus, then you are now and forevermore called God’s beloved, holy child. Just beginning to understand the security we have in this new name should bring us a peace that wipes away all the stress life tries to bring. We will explore what it means to be God’s beloved, holy children tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane