Past Victories Point Us Forward

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This new generation has grown up wandering the dessert, mind you. While they have had many struggles, they have also been witnesses to God’s miraculous provisions, over and over again. Moses reminds them why it has taken 40 years to make an 11 day trip by pointing them to the spies that were sent out to scout the Promised Land. 12 are sent out. 10 come back complaining, filled with the fear of man, while two come back encouraged and trusting God to fulfill His promise. Where is our heart? In the face of giants, do we feel like grasshoppers or do we stand strong in our Faith of God? Again, if God promised it, God will fulfill it. The how’s and when’s and where’s of it all is not our concern. Or it shouldn’t be anyway. This is the whole idea behind learning to walk by Faith. We know, and then do, the things we should and the rest we trust God knows and will make The Way for us…I know, easier said than done, but this is why God allows these tests, so we can grow into this mature Faith. And the next batch of Israelites should have learned a thing or two from all they endured, by God’s Grace.

Moses also reminds them about several victories against nations that were their enemies. These first two defeats were part of the fulfillment of land that God had promised His people. These first two conquests were meant to encourage God’s people and get them closer to entering the Promised Land. These first two successes showed them that no king or nation could triumph over God nor thwart God’s Plan. Do we forget the victories in our lives and focus only on our current challenges? Do we allow the past conquests God empowered us to experience to encourage us and move us forward in life? Do we allow past successes to display God’s power in and through us? All great questions to ask ourselves and excellent tests to grow our level of Faith, don’t you think?

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