Don’t Teach Rules, Teach Love

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Ahh the Law. Chapter five of Deuteronomy is a retelling of the Ten Commandments. What was meant to display the Immaculate Character of God, became a set of rules the Israelites thought they could achieve on their own. Do we still attempt the same? The Ten Commandments were given to them, and us, to show our desperate need for The Savior. Which one of us can go one day without breaking them? And please do not forget what James said: if you break one, you have broken them all! (see Jas 2:10) Because to be perfect means following all these commands, all the time, and not just in our actions, but in our thoughts too! (see Mt 5:28) No one but God Himself can be that unblemished, thus Jesus the Lamb of God came to fulfill the Law on our behalf.

“Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” (Dt 6:5) Ultimately this is the Law we all must learn to live by: the Law of Love. And Moses emphasizes that we are to “impress them on [our] children.” (Dt 6:7) We need to think about the next generation, my Friends. If we read the Bible, awesome! If we seek to follow God, fantastic! If we connect with God so we can love our neighbors, amazing! But if we do not teach and encourage our children to do the same? What good are we leaving behind? One of the privileges we have as people of God is to leave a lasting legacy in this world. We are to leave this world, and those we have touched, better off because we have passed through it. We are to still impact those who will come after us…and how? By teaching the next generation to have a real, personal and intimate relationship with God for themselves. This is what Moses is doing here with his last words…and it should be what we are doing with all of our words too.

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