Power of Sowing

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Praying has great power. I know I have been using this word in one way, shape or form these past couple of weeks, as we walk through this wonderful book, but this is because I am not really sure if we truly know how powerful prayer is. Again, the power comes, not from us, but from the One who hears our heartfelt prayers. Yet prayers are like seeds. And as the Bible teaches, all seeds come from God. God puts the idea to pray in our heart, but we must respond with our heart. 

This makes sense, doesn’t it? If someone hands me a bag of seeds, but I never plant them, what will be the result? Nothing. Sure, I will have this bag of seeds, but not that which can potentially grow from it, right? And here’s a lovely truth: no one can stop us from planting these seeds. We can pray for anyone, at any time, anywhere, and then trust God to grow them.

This is one of the reasons why it is so vital that we stop and pray for whoever, the moment God brings that person to mind. So again I say, even if YOU do not have a prodigal, God may place someone else’s rebellious child, or their parents, on your heart to pray for them. Someone has to sow the good seeds. But this is why this book is so powerful. It gives us all, whether you have prodigals or not, a beginning place as to how to pray for these wayward children. Listen to this great quote Mr Banks shares from J Sidlow Baxter: “Our loved ones may spurn our appeals, reject our message, oppose our arguments, despise our persons — but they are helpless against our prayers.” (p50) So stop right now, and go sow some good seeds!

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