Quick to React

Jesus NEVER reacted. So let’s define “reacting.” 

Reacting is that old person we used to be, the one that thinks, feels and wants from that Prideful MMI center. Reacting is what I did last week. It is all that ugly junk that comes up and out of us with no control and no care of who it is going to affect.

You know what I mean: it starts somewhere deep inside and begins to boil until it overflows from us in all sorts of unsightly ways. Reacting is when someone yells at you, and you don’t even pay attention to what they are saying, but instinctively, you just start yelling right back at them. Reacting is trying to fight fire with fire instead of doing the opposite. It is adding wood to the flames instead of getting water to calm, reduce, and eventually, eliminate the raging inferno. 

Reacting is our old self…but Church, we are supposed to be changing for the better. We are being transformed into the likeness of Jesus. And as I said before, Jesus NEVER reacted.

<>< Peace, Diane

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