Squirrel Moments: Distracted much?

We’ve been talking about perspective and how, when our focus is on God, we can have peace and joy no matter what is going on around us. This is HOW we pass God’s tests during our trials. But the moment we lower our eyes from Him and center our attention on the trial, or worse, on ourselves, all havoc breaks loose.

I often say, it’s like I have spiritual ADD: one moment I am fully immersed in God and worshipping Him and following Him and…and the very next second, something pulls me away and off I go into my old nonsense, losing my cool and giving up my joy, which is THE LAST THING I want to do because that does NOT reflect God’s Perfect and Beautiful Nature.

It’s like that dog from Disney’s UP movie (link below). I’m at full peace with God then some kind of trial hits and all my attention turned FROM God to…SQUIRREL!!! See the video from UP if you’re not sure what I mean. But PLEASE leave me a comment below if you DO get it!

Up – Dug the Talking Dog – “Squirrel !”   https://youtu.be/xrAIGLkSMls

<>< Peace, Diane

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