The Plunge Downward

So I was all peaceful and being really productive, thinking that the upcoming challenge was going to go smoothly since I thought I was going to have support when…SQUIRREL! Off I went into a crazy rage when I was let down. I was livid for two whole days, ranting and raving about all the injustice, how I’m taken for granted, how I refuse to be a doormat anymore and so on and so on. But here’s the hard lesson: all that garbage that came up and out of me was nothing less than Pride!

While not excusing the choices of others, it IS my fault if I LET the poor choices of others make ME angry. I LET them make me insane for two days, when I should have kept my peace and peacefully spoken to them about my disappointment then moved on, joy intact.

I LET them make me lose my peace and joy, which by the way Jesus died to give me. Don’t misunderstand, I’m not beating myself up about my “plunge downward,” I am human and I’m going to mess up. But now that it is in the past, if I don’t learn from it, I am only hurting myself and not honoring God

There is one lesson God has taught me over and over again, and yet here it is once more…more tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane

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