Taking Part in Creation

Procreation is definitely not the only purpose for sex, but it is a pretty big one, right? Humanity would not be here if it was not for the act of sex. In God’s Infinite Wisdom, He created this sacred activity so that we could take part in creation. Never forget we were created in God’s Image, and since He is the Creator, He wants His creations to be part of creation…did you get that? 

Being able to make and bring forth a child, another human being, into this world is such an amazing, miraculous gift from God. I know it has been my greatest privilege and joy to sense that new life within me, and to give birth to my Baby Girl and my wonderful son. What a thoughtful, kind and loving idea from God to have us join Him in this awesome way to “be fruitful and multiply”! If you are a parent, or have ever had a parent, why don’t we take some time today to praise God for trusting us, to be a part of this Plan to fill the earth with His children.

<>< Peace, Diane