Testing Meant to Help Us

I know a lot of people who never liked taking tests in school. But tests were required so that we can know how much we learned, and perhaps, how much we still needed to learn, in that subject. Since God knows everything, He uses trials in our lives as tests so WE can see how much we have grown, or how much we still need to grow. 

God means trials to be tests that will help us display His Love to us and then through us. When we choose to view trials as tests, we will see them as something helpful, and the difficulties will lessen. We will be able to place our perspective on God and seek His help and display the level of our maturity, one way or the other.

Again, the way we choose to look at the trials in our lives, will certainly change the quality of our lives, for good or bad. As we can choose to see them as test from our Loving Father, we can also choose to see them as temptations from the enemy…more tomorrow…

<>< Peace, Diane

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