The One Team

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Before we begin with the meat of Mr Lucado’s book, let me pause a second to include the great Foreword written by David Robinson, a former NBA player for the San Antonio Spurs. There is great wisdom in his words, as he shows us what society is supposed to look like, and what the Pridefulness of mankind causes it to be way too often. That’s my interpretation of his words anyway. First Mr Robinson says, “NBA championship teams have something in common: they play with one goal in mind. Each player contributes his own gifts and efforts, so that the greater goal – winning – can be reached.” (xiii) Again shouldn’t this be a harmonious picture of how the world functions? Or at least how we, the Church, live our lives, right? All working together for one goal: to glorify God. 

Yet that curse of Pride causes us to attempt living for MMI, and down goes the unity God intended. Mr Robinson continues with, “But players, who seek their own glory at the sacrifice of the team’s glory drive the team away from success.” (xiii) Now we see a true picture of society, don’t we? It’s this, “I gotta look out for number one” as we point to ourselves, that has caused, and continues to cause, all the problems in this world. Can we see that? 

What if we, the Church, chose to live differently? What if we stopped thinking in terms of “them vs us,” but instead, just talked about “us,” one family in Christ? Could we make a difference in this world? I certainly know a whole group of people who did that…and still do that now. The Saints of the Bible, headed by God Himself of course, are still changing lives for the better. Is it not time for us to join them? No, we won’t do it perfectly…none of the Saints of Scripture did, so why would we expect us to do so. Praise God, the goal is not perfection. The goal is unity, harmony, one people of God pointing to Him by the way we think, speak and act. That has always been God’s Plan. 

God created us to be His children…which one of us has perfect children? Not a one! And so God knew we would mess up…this is why He sent Jesus, Who never messed up! So we can be reunited with Him and continue to grow in His Love and Grace, as opposed to staying in the separation and sinful states that we humans ushered in. Shall we choose to be one team, working towards the same goal, Church? Or will we reflect this fallen world instead, where it is everyone out for themselves? That last reality is what results from MMI living…let’s be different, shall we?

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