The Problem With Humanity

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Mr Lucado gives us such an easy example that is such an amazing object lesson about life. You see, the world in ancient times, assumed that the whole universe revolved around the planet earth…and likewise, we too often conclude that life revolves around “me” also. We falsely think that we are not only the center of it all, but that we are also the anchor. (see p3) That means we think we are do not need to change or move, everyone else is supposed to revolve around us. It also means that we think we are the ones keeping it all from falling apart…but if that was true, wouldn’t our lives reflect such incredible peace and contentment? Wouldn’t we be able to fix all the troubles of life, ours and that of others? If we really are that pivotal, then shouldn’t we be experiencing the nirvana some groups insist they can bring about? And so this is the human problem: we think life is all about us, but “us” cannot achieve the utopia we long to have. There must be more…and if we never stop to question this reality, then we are just stuck with what we have, a lack luster, temporary, limited life that never fully satisfies.

This was my story before I began to seek the truth, and it may be yours too. I had all the bells and whistles that this world says will grant us the American Dream…yet my life was a nightmare more often than not. If I was the center of life with that much control, then why was I depressed so often? Why was I always searching for something to fill that hole inside of me? Why was I not thrilled every day having such a loving husband, two beautiful children, a good career, a big home, and more vacations and toys than anyone can handle? Why was I not happy with my life if I had all that life, with “me” at the center, should have? It was not until my Baby Girl, Rebecca, was diagnosed with brain cancer…and then fell into what would be her first comatose state…that I seriously began to seek answers to these essential questions. Could I really have been wrong all those years when I thought life was all about me? 

2023’s Got A Minute? Book Club

January: The First & Best Book Ever: The Bible

February: Love Is In the Air: “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts” by Gary Chapman

March: Spring Growth: “Secrets of the Vine” by Bruce Wilkinson

April: Living the Resurrected Life: “The Wonderful Spirit Filled Life” by Dr Charles Stanley

May: My Spiritual Mom: “Making Good Habits Breaking Bad Habits” by Joyce Meyer

June: Spiritual Dad:  “It’s Not About Me- Rescue from the Life We Thought Would Make Us Happy” by Max Lucado

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