The Resurrection, The Way, The Truth and The Life

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Let’s continue talking about these “I Am” statements:

5- I Am the Resurrection and the Life (Jn 11:25)

Character: Life and Life Giver

Mission: to bring Everlasting Life to every part of our being, one day, but here as well

Both Martha and Mary have complete Faith in the healing power of Jesus, as evidenced by their statements that, “if You were here, our brother would not have died.” (see Jn 11:21, 11:32) So what Jesus is about to do only served to expand their belief and knowledge of Who He is! They did believe that, “in the resurrection at the last day,” Jesus would raise all believers back to Everlasting Life, including their beloved brother, Lazarus. But no one expected that Jesus had the power to bring back the dead here in this world. He wanted them, and us, to understand that death has no power over Him. Neither is He restricted by Time, Matter or Space. You see, resurrection is not just something Jesus will do for us. Eternal Life is not just something Jesus gives us. They are WHO He is. It is His character as well as His mission. As always, Who God is, is what God does. It is because this is the Nature of Jesus that He has control over it all. 

Here’s a good thing for us to know too, not only will He resurrect our physical bodies one day, but Jesus can resurrect anything that seems dead in our lives, here and now. Have a marriage that seems dead? Choose to follow God’s way for a marriage and it can spring back to life. Having financial difficulties and cannot see a way out? Choose to follow God’s way of managing money and you can be debt free and financially secure. There is no part of our lives here that Jesus cannot bring back to life, using it for your good, the good of others around you, as well as for His own Glory. Jesus doesn’t just put a bandaid on these difficult challenges, He does not just wait until “the last day,” He can resurrect it, starting here and now.

6- I Am the Way and the Truth and the Life (Jn 14:6)

Character: The Way (to Heaven one day, and the Abundant Life here today), The Truth (Word of God Incarnate), again The Life (Creator)

Mission: lead us to Salvation and help us live the saved life here, displaying the mind and character of God by living out His Love, the Source of all life, here and there

One of the truths we cannot deny is that we all have a desire to live forever. The Bible says that God has placed Eternity in our hearts. (Ecc 3:11) This simply means we are born with this sense that there must be more to life than just this life. But we have no way to be able to discover what that is on our own. Oh we try to fill our lives up with the temporary pleasures of this world, but they do not even satisfy here, much less do they provide a way to gain eternity. And so we have this wonderful statement from Jesus!

1-The Way: Jesus is not only one way among many to get into God’s Presence and be in Heaven, He is The ONLY Way! 2- The Truth: Jesus is the very manifestation of the Word of God and only what God says in the Bible is the Truth that will lead to Heaven. 3- The Life: Jesus gives us and then helps us live the only Life worth living, one filled to the overflow with righteousness, peace and joy IN the Holy Spirit. Jesus is all anyone ever needs to fulfill our internal longings to be loved, to be secure, to belong, to have purpose and to live forever. And so The Truth is, belonging to Him and following Jesus, is The Way to have, enjoy and share the Abundant Life.

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