The True Vine

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Let’s finish up these “I Am” statements:

7- I Am the True Vine (Jn 15:1, 5)

Character: Sustainer

Mission: keep us safe and secure, growing in His Love and Grace, so that we can live a life that displays God’s Immaculate Character

We will go into much more detail about this wonderful claim and relieving truth in a couple of months, when I get to a book that is all about “the Vine.” But for here it is not difficult to understand that, if we are not connected to Jesus— spirit and soul— then we will not be able to do anything that is truly good or have everlasting value. It is only when we are saved by Grace through Faith that we are grafted into Jesus and can have access to all His Goodness so we can bear good fruit. 

When we become born again and Jesus changes our identity, from sinner to saint, now we are given the Fruit of the Spirit. It comes as a seed implanted deep within our spirit and, as we stay with Jesus, it can grow so that we begin acting like those amazing virtues. (see Gal 5:22-23) We can love, be joyful, peaceful, patient. We can be good, kind and gentle. We will be filled with faith and be able to control ourselves…and why? Because we remain attached to Jesus, and since these describe His Character, it also will describe ours.

So how do we do this? We fill our day with Him by reading the Bible, attending a Bible study, learning with pastors, listening to Christian music, talking with brothers and sisters about life through the eyes of God…and may I add, watching videos like these too? Oh there are so very many ways to stay attached to The Vine, and as we do, we can have assurance that Jesus is sustaining us and providing all the nutrients we need to grow and bear fruit for the world to see. We will wrap it up tomorrow with a couple more “I Am” events.

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